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We want "low maintenance" is a phrase we hear time and time again. Unfortunately, maintenance is simply a part of life, but there are ways to lower the amount of time needed in order to keep your landscape beautiful. There are many types of shrubs and also many different growth rates. Since plants are a living thing, they only stop growing when they die. Even plants with very slow growth rates will need to be pruned once they reach the ideal size for their location. Understanding how a plant grows is crucial for knowing where to place it in your landscape. Knowing how to prune is the biggest key to keeping your maintenance to a minimum. We are passionate about the importance of using the selective pruning method in place of the all-too-common power hedge trimmer. With selective pruning, we simply cut out branches that are too long or too crowded. This method encourages a natural branching structure and creates a loose airy bush that looks much more attractive, grows more moderately, is less prone to disease, and is significantly easier to control its overall size. Maintaining a weed free environment for your plants is also crucial for their health. With an annual or biannual application of premium mulch, we can help to prevent weeds, hold moisture in the ground, and build rich soil. We would be excited to meet with you and discuss how to maintain your landscape to maximize its beauty.



We're owner-operators who work in the business full time. This isn't just our vocation, it's our passion. If you're not delighted with our work, we're not satisfied. We deliver quality results. If the final installation isn't up to your standard, we make it right.